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The Pathfinder
Elwin & Margit Roach 
PO Box 4004
Alamogordo, NM 88311-4004

Elwin's Library

Kings: Children and Sons (3 parts)

Secrets Of The Cherubim (5 parts)
The Seraphim (5 parts) The Traducer
The Rapture Question? Into Death & Hell (3 parts)
The Lucifer Question?  Hell & The Lake of Fire (6 parts)
Lazarus & The Rich Man 101 Reasons To Believe God Will Save ALL 
1 Reason To Believe God Will Save ALL  God Will Have All To Be Saved 
Man A Free Moral Agent? The Crucifixion of Who? 
Forsake Not The Assembling? The Word (3 parts) 
The Seven Voices of The Son of God (7 parts) The Voice of The Son of God (12 Parts)
A Peculiar People (6 parts)  To Whom Are We Relative (5 parts) 
Those In Waiting (5 parts)  Marriage - The High Calling (3 parts) 
The Journey

Margit's Library

The Words We Speak

Building the House
The Song of the Lord