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How to record Real Audio messages from your computer

1.  What you need

You need a sound card that has a "line out" or "audio out" or "aux out" jack on the back. 

You need a tape recording machine with "line in" or "audio in" or "cd in" or "aux in" jacks on the back. 

You need a connecting cable that connects between the computer output and the recorder inputs. Usually this is a 1/8" single connecter at one end and two RCA plugs at the other... Radio Shack can easily assist you, and other places that sell audio equipment, even Wall-Mart and Best Buy also carry them for under $6.

You need an audio tape of course. Our audio files are recorded at a "voice" quality, so you do not need an expensive high end blank tape.  Voice/low grade music tapes should do.

2.  Procedure: 

    A.  Properly connect the cable from your computer sound card outputs (LINE out, not headphone) to your tape machine inputs (line or cd or aux in, not microphone). 

    B.  Insert tape into recorder and cue to the place you want to start.  Practice is required to make this flawless.  Our audio files do not have any blank spot in the beginning.

    C.  Select the file you want to record.  Real Audio player (usually) or Media Player or whatever you use will jump up and begin.  Click STOP or Pause or Hold. 

    D.  Your tape machine should be put into 'record' but in PAUSE position, then release PAUSE and start the real audio player at the same time.  Adjust output volume and recording volume for the best sound quality, probably starting about half way or so on each level. Use your level indicator on your tape machine to determine the highest level without overloading or distorting.  Recording at the highest level possible keeps tape noise low and brings out the bass and treble frequencies best. 

All of the above requires a little practice to make a good sounding tape, but testing each file for a few seconds should ensure good recording. 

If you end up with a problem, please email histech@hisremnant.org.  We will try to assist you as quickly as possible.