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07/10/00  Des Walter's articles, including his newest "Adam to Christ" published.  Gary Sigler's "Coming Out of Condemnation" audio book done!

07/06/00  Elaine Cook's Kinsman Redeemer and Chuck Weller's The Power of One published.

06/24/00  Stephen Jones' "Marriage Feast of Cana" published.

06/20/00  Seems like the server problem is gone for the moment!  Bob Torango's "The House that God Built" and Des Walter's 5 tape series completed.

05/22/00  Stacy Wood's "Introduction to Revelation" series started!  Stephen Jones' "The Church and Overcomers" uploaded"

05/21/00  Bob Torango's "The House That God Built" series started!

05/20/00  Des Walter's audio page started!

05/19/00  Chuck Weller's new audio files uploaded!

05/18/00  Preston Eby's page is now uploaded!

5/14/00  Elaine Cook's Laws of Paradise series published.

05/08/00  Stacy Wood's Sue-Kay (psyche) series 3 out of 6 tapes published.  Stephen Jones' "Pentecost Foreshadowed by Saul" published.

05/04/00  Stephen Jones' "Restoration of All Things" 5 tape series and "The Lake of Fire" published.  We've made up our minds to go ahead and open the front gate to this site while it still needs too many files!

05/02/00  YIPPIEEE!  Domain transfer 100% complete!  Elaine Cook's 3 tape series "Resurrection" published!

04/28/00  Fixed some stuff on Elwin Roach's page.  Thanks, Elwin, for catching my boo-boos.

04/27/00  Yaaa!  Thanks to Matt Pope, our BEST technician, scripts are working.  Guest book and Form Mail are done!  Still have some design issues, but I have other things to do besides cosmetic stuff.  We've run into a major domain transfer issue.  Is HisRemnant.org ever going to open by its name?

04/25/00  Fighting with CGI scripts.  My brain hurts.

04/24/00  Gary Sigler's audio files published, linked to his files on his server.  Thanks, Gary.

04/23/00  Happy Passover!  The Pathfinder articles published.  "The Sealing of the Saints" completed.

04/19/00  Promised Seed Ministries: 15 out of 16 tapes of "The Sealing of the Saints" series published.