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Brian J. Hennessy 
771 Scenic Drive
Harleysville, PA, 19438

You Don't Have to be Jewish to Love Israel
A Scriptural look at what God is doing today through the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. Deals with the hidden identity of the "Church" and our relationship to the Jews as God's people."
Reflections of a Former "Gentile"
A chronology of the author's personal awakening to his "Jewish roots" as a New Covenant believer in the Jewish Messiah, Jesus - and what that means
Personal testimony - "Free At last!"
The story of the author's spiritual awakening within Roman Catholicism and how he was led out of the institutional church system altogether
The Prophet Thomas Jefferson (4 parts)
Using a quote from Thomas Jefferson, this article compares colonial America's position of "voluntary slavery" under the British Empire with the Body of Christ's startling parallel situation under the Ecclesiastical Empire - the Institutional Church
Our Israelite Roots
A diagram tracing the Israelite
lineage of the followers of Jesus back to Abraham
Valley of the Steeples
Inspired by a vision from the Lord, this article
compares the institutional church with the Body of Christ and shows them to be two entirely different "churches."