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keep up the good work. Enjoyed our visit.
Jackie and Susan Turner <jsturner@se-tel.com>
clay city, ky USA - Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 21:10:13 (PDT)

Believing with your vision from Father....our love & prayers,St. Mark,St. Debbie, St. Matthew, & St. Mary K. Peters
Mark & Debbie Peters <judah7@bright.net>
Sugar Tree Ridge, OH USA - Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 04:05:56 (PDT)
Just wanted to thank you for this site and all your work, this site has been an eye opener and a Blessing to me. I will keep you lifted up in prayer for your continued obedience to HIM. May HE Bless all those who visit here and bring them one step closer to HIM! My deepest THANKS! Tina
Tina Boldt <tboldt@nycap.rr.com>
Saratoga, NY USA - Saturday, May 27, 2000 at 13:51:16 (PDT)
Welcome aboard, I look forward to seeing your site grow. Many blessings to you and yours. In His service, Ron J.
Ron Jensen <ourfathershouse@msn.com>
Yucca Valley, CA USA - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 22:55:39 (PDT)
What a blessing to be connected with like minds and hearts in the kingdom of God. We pray Spiritual Blessings upon all these who are ministering, in order for the glory of God to be manifested within the souls of all who will hear, read and keep HIS WORD. Thank you, all, for your obedience and dedication for the Mercy/Grace of God's sake. We are enjoying this immensely! Thank you webmaster, for your dedication and labor to present these servant messengers with messages of our Lord. BLESSINGS! Nel & Cher
Nel & Cher <CDNPRE@aol.com>
FL. USA - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 20:29:51 (PDT)
hello this is wonderful, who are you besides a child of the King and my brother and sister?/
tammy johnson <tammymjohnson@aol.com>
owensboro, ky USA - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 16:31:58 (PDT)
Praise God for your labor! Thank you for bringing forth new messages. This site is such a blessing. Looking forward to further development. Yes, please make credit card donations possible.
MI USA - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 15:23:20 (PDT)
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Hymn <info@hisremnant.org>
USA - Thursday, May 04, 2000 at 07:30:56 (PDT)
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Hymn <info@hisremnant.org>
USA - Thursday, May 04, 2000 at 07:23:51 (PDT)
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USA - Sunday, April 30, 2000 at 02:44:41 (PDT)
Matt Test <Matt test>
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