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About this site

This web site is quite low key.  No music, no fancy graphics, no spiffy programming or scripting.  We dedicate all of our available time to creating audio files and maintenance of the site.  I hope you find these materials helpful to enrich your spiritual journey.

Most of you already know Gary Sigler and his home page www.Sigler.org.  He pays for the server space, creates files, and maintains the site himself.  In March, 2000, it dawned on me that ministers such as Gary should be concentrating on teaching and preaching rather than spending countless hours to develop a web site.  His web site has been reaching thousands of us around the globe, making teaching materials available to anybody with internet access.  I'm certain ministers on Gary's site have touched the hearts of many of us who were once left in darkness, without knowing how to be freed from the bondages.  It is about time that Gary is released from the burden of tech stuff so that he can give us more teachings!

So here I am, trying to reach all of you with more messages that Gary does not have time to put on the web.  Gary and I agreed that there's no point in having the same files in different locations.  What you do not find here can be found at www.Sigler.org.  It is not ideal to have the same ministers' materials in two different sites, but there is some advantage.  When this site is down, Gary's site is up, and visa versa.  

In Stacy Wood's wonderful teaching series "The Sealing of the Saints", he speaks about "full blooded brotherhood".  Unless we are full blooded brethren, we are not in the same heavenly reality.  However, half-brothers are still brothers nonetheless.  Jacob had more food served to Benjamin, but he fed all his brothers.  Thanks to all these dedicated ministers, they are sharing the true richness of His Table spread before us.  We don't have to agree on every bit of doctrine but rejoice together in God's infinite Goodness and Mercy.

Deliverance through a little deeper Truth has made my God a lot bigger than I thought He was.  The picture of His Church got much bigger as well.  Thank you, every one who is reading this, for your prayerful support and for knowing that it is just okay to be who I am and rest in His infinite Love and Mercy.  Now I can truly say, "I love every one of you, and I need every one of you, no matter where you are and who you are."

I hope this site is a blessing to you.

Hymn & her husband

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